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Vaughan and Lynette Cruden – A husband and wife team and owners of Stump Out and Mega Mulch in Palmerston North

Vaughan and Lynette Cruden have come down to the ground after selling their arborist business to concentrate on their already well established businesses being Stump Out, Manawatu’s only specialist stump grinding service, and MegaMulch the wholesale home delivery garden mulch seen in mega piles at their yard in Napier Road.

The time had come to concentrate on these businesses that they had built up over the last ten years.  Vaughan a qualified horticulturist as well as an arborist passionately tends to his mulch and can confidently say it is the best quality product for general garden use as well as great value.  Vaughan says, “locally sourced from the best Manawatu  arborist companies, and being wholesale home delivery only, means the best price for the gardener.   The small truck which holds 5m3 can always be seen last off the lights delivering to our loyal keen customers.  The new 2nd truck holds up to 10m3, so for a ‘mighty big job’ 13m3 can be delivered at a time.  Some customers have been with us for over 10 years.

Because of the consistent quality and large quantity they  supply to many commercial grounds and commercial facilities, and will be able to build on this service in the greater region now.  We are also the preferred supplier of mulch to all the best landscape companies locally, and because of this reputation MegaMulch is also specified by landscape designers in their plans.

They have also been the contractor for the PNCC for over 6 years now, tending to all the stumps from street tree removals.


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