Performance and Safety with Certified Playground Mulch ®

Need playground bark for your school or playground? Certified Playground Mulch ® is the answer to your playground surface decision.

Our Playground Mulch ® has been widely used in the preschool, school, and public playground environments for many years.  The proven longevity of the product ensures many years of hassle free use.  

Playground Mulch ®  is the answer to your playground surface decision.  Tested and certified by the MOE standard NZ5828:2004 with regards to impact performance and safety.   It is manufactured from all new and clean timber, and is an economic and durable alternative to playground matting.  We are proud to be the local supplier and look forward to working with local schools and other educational and recreational facilities.  Also playground mulch makes a perfect surface for home playgrounds with trampolines etc.

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Playground Mulch ® Calculator

Width of playground in metres. (round to 1 decimal)

Length of playground in metres (round to 1 decimal)

The desired depth of the mulch.

Please enter in decimal metre depth. ie 0.3

(Regulation depth for under play equipment is generally 300mm)

View Playground Equipment and Surfacing Safety Standards here to ensure the correct specifications are met.

Playground Mulch ® Pricing

Minimum order of 3m3.
Please inquire about our opening bulk discount and Mega Mulch combo deals

We accept:

Please inquire about our opening bulk discount and Mega Mulch combo deals!

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